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£50 could enable a legal adviser to complete an application for legal aid funding

Homelessness is rising in Scotland.

Thousands of people face the fear and uncertainty of having nowhere safe to call home.

Councils are struggling to provide safe temporary accommodation for people experiencing homelessness. Right now in Scotland, a household becomes homeless every 16 minutes.

This is shameful.

But how did it come to this?

Decades of government failure to build genuinely affordable social homes, as well as sky-high rents, are driving record levels of homelessness.

We must work together to keep pressure on the government, demanding policies that support people at risk of homelessness. In the meantime, you can help make sure everyone can access advice when they need it most.

You could help us be there when it matters most.


We exist to defend the right to a safe home, because home is everything. The fight to end the housing emergency starts here.

How we helped in 2023

  • 17,500 people got advice through our helpline and webchat services.

  • 1.8 million + views of our online advice pages.

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The government's Gift Aid scheme means that, if you pay tax in the UK, we can reclaim tax on your donations.

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