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One thing we can all agree on is that having a home is crucial to a healthy and stable life. Our independent research found that building a minimum of 37,100 homes over the next 5 years will begin to tackle Scotland’s housing needs.

A lack of housing and homelessness are not inevitable - we can make a difference. Putting a roof over people’s heads not only helps families in need, it also helps our economy, our society, and our communities for years to come. Now is the time, let’s build Scotland’s future.

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It’s time to turn the pressure up: Tell your MSPs that social housing is important to voters

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Homelessness is rising. There are record numbers of households in temporary accommodation this winter. More and more people are battling to keep a roof over their heads. 

Over 18,000 of you have already signed our petition calling for these homes to be built. Now let’s step it up. 

By writing to your MSPs – you're letting them know that social housing matters to voters and you're helping to deliver the homes Scotland needs. 

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I feel like I'm in limbo, like so much of my family's future is unknown. When your home is temporary, you feel anxious like your whole life has been put on pause, and opportunities are out of reach. My kids are worried that if we get moved on then they'll have to change schools. Change is hard for them anyway and they've just made new friends - it's putting them into a state of anxiety.


How social homes can change lives

For families like Angela's, a quality and permanent social home would be more than just a roof over their head. It would allow her children to have a permanent space to enjoy their lives, rather than moving from temporary house to temporary house. They would finally have a home to unpack their belongings, rather than keeping their possessions in storage, waiting for the next move.

We need to build more social homes

Thousands of families across Scotland are waiting for their own social home. We need more social homes so these families can have manageable rents, good quality homes and the stability of a permanent place to live. For many others, more social homes are needed to help reduce the homelessness that we've all seen rising in our towns and cities.

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37,100 social homes

are needed in Scotland

70,000 children

are waiting for social homes

build 1 more social home a day

on top of the existing target

30,000 signatures needed

to make this change

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To build a better and brighter future, we must build the social homes that Scotland needs.

We’re here for everyone, but only with your support