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Age Factor campaign success!

Great news! Thanks to your support, our Age Factor campaign has been successful in protecting young people's rights.

Age factor success 

In April 2014 Shelter Scotland launched a campaign opposing a part of the proposed Housing (Scotland) Bill that would have allowed all social landlords to take the age of an applicant into account when allocating homes.  We thought this was potentially discriminatory and wrong and campaigned to get it removed from the draft Bill.

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Working with a coalition of organisations opposed to the measure, we launched the Age Factor campaign to ask the Housing Minister, Margaret Burgess to reconsider this proposal.

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With the help of our supporters more than 450 people signed up to the campaign in just 4 weeks and emailed the Housing Minister to raise concerns about this proposal.

In early May 2014 we were delighted to hear that the Housing Minister had listened to our concerns and that this specific section of the Housing Bill has been removed.  This is really great news for the people who would have been affected and we couldn't have done it without our partner organisations and Shelter Scotland supporters – thank you!