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Every Council has a legal duty to find housing for every homeless person. But on 3,365 occasions last year, Glasgow City Council failed to do this. During this time, 47 homeless people died whilst homeless in Glasgow.

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The People v Glasgow City Council

Update: We've begun legal action against Glasgow City Council. Read the legal petition

Denying homeless people the right to temporary housing when they need it most is wrong. It’s shocking. And it’s breaking the law.

We’re not going to stand for it.
That’s why we’re ready to take this issue to court.
It’s The People v Glasgow City Council. Join us today.

So what exactly is "Gatekeeping"? Watch this video:

Since July 2016 over 200 people affected by gatekeeping by Glasgow City Council came to Shelter Scotland for help

This illegal practice must stop, immediately

To read more about this issue and what we’re calling for, view our report on gatekeeping in Glasgow City Council

Tell Glasgow County Council to stop breaking the law.

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