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Willie's story

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I've been homeless through my drug addiction, I've been homeless for years, I've been in and out of different projects, living in supported accommodation and stuff, emergency accommodation and everything, it’s horrendous.

My daughter died in 2007 and I've been off the rails since then. My life's just been pure chaotic, in and out of homeless places and in and out of prison. In these places there's no support given, there's your room, that it, there's a shower that 20 are sharing. And that's it, you're left to your own devices. There's just no support given.

It's just every man for himself. It shouldn't be like that, there should be support offered. I think that's why you get a lot of people sleeping on the streets, they're feart to go there, it's not a safe place for them to go.

A home? It would mean the world to me to be honest. I'm getting clean off drugs and starting to get my kids back for visits. It would just be amazing to have my own wee flat, somewhere safe and clean for them to come to, have dinners, watch films you know? But I canny see that happening. I'm going to have to go through supported accommodation and all the rigmarole again, it's quite stressful.

There’s far too many people sleeping on the streets. Not just people with drug addictions, people have lost jobs, people have been put out of flats, people can't pay their rent, hit by the bedroom tax. I know plenty people like that, it's not just drug addicts that are homeless.

Homelessness is Far From Fixed

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