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Housing Rights Defenders

Campaign for change to tackle the housing issues that matter most to you.

Join the growing network of Housing Rights Defenders taking action in their local area.

Whether you're facing a social housing issue or if you’re an activist with skills that can help others in your community, becoming a Housing Rights Defender is all about coming together at a local level to make a lasting impact.

As a Housing Rights Defender, you will learn how to:

  • identify shared issues facing your community

  • build your power and the power of your community to tackle these issues through campaigning

  • use your skills in creative ways

Get involved

Communities have the power to create real change. By working together we can take steps to ensure everyone has a safe, quality and affordable home.

Campaigning resources

Access our free resources at any time to help your campaign.

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Community organiser support

Our Housing Rights Defenders are supported by a local Community Organiser who can provide you with:

  • regular one-to-one support, to help you bring people together

  • training to help build your campaigning knowledge and skills

  • resources to help you get started and keep your campaigns going

  • advice and guidance on your campaigns

Currently there is a network of Housing Rights Defenders in Aberdeen.

Aberdeen Housing Rights Defenders

Aberdeen’s Housing Rights Defenders believe that everyone who calls our city home should have a warm, affordable and safe place to live.

Your local Community Organiser is Jacob Campbell.

Profile image of Jacob, Shelter Scotland's Aberdeen community organiser