Eviction from a mobile home

If you rent a mobile home or you own a mobile home and rent a pitch to station it on, you will have some protection against eviction. This section explains what you can do if your landlord or the site owner asks you to leave.

If you rent your mobile home, your rights regarding eviction will be different depending on what kind of tenancy you have. If you own your mobile home, your rights will be different if you stay on a protected or unprotected site. Read the page rent or own your mobile home to find out which rights apply to you.

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Rent or own?

This page explains how you can work out your rights, depending on whether you rent or own your mobile home.

Eviction of mobile home owners from a pitch

If you own your mobile home and you rent a pitch on a protected site, read this page if you are worried about the site owner asking you to leave.  

Eviction from a pitch if you rent a mobile home on a protected site

This page explains your rights if you rent a mobile home on a protected site and have been asked to leave by the site owner.

Common law eviction rights for mobile home tenants or owners

What your rights are if you rent a pitch for your mobile home or a mobile home and you are worried about being evicted.Useful if you're a common law tenant or if you rent on an unprotected site.

Last updated: 9 April 2018

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