Eviction of crofting tenants

Crofters have secure tenancy rights. However, in certain circumstances, crofters can be evicted. In addition, your landlord may also be able to resume (or repossess) the land if they have good reason. This section looks at the circumstances in which it's possible to lose your crofting tenancy, and what you can do if you're in this situation.

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Eviction from a crofting tenancy

Learn what the eviction grounds from a croft are, the process, and where you can get help if you're threatened with eviction. Also covers other ways in which your tenancy may be ended.

Resumption of crofting land

Landlords can apply to the Land Court to resume (or repossess) your croft. They need a good reason and will have to offer you compensation.

Compensation for leaving a crofting tenancy

Leaving a croft might mean you get compensation for your improvements. If you've let the land deteriorate, you may have to pay compensation when your tenancy ends.

Last updated: 9 April 2018

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