Moving home

This section tells you what you need to do when you leave a property and move into a new home, including how to end a tenancy properly, how to exchange your home if you are a council or housing association tenant, and how to go about selling one property and buying another.

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Moving out of your home

This page lists things you need to do when you move out of your home.

Moving costs

Moving home can be expensive. This page looks at the main financial considerations and how you can get help with moving costs.

Selling your home

What does the selling process involve and how much will it cost? Find out here.

Transfers and exchanges for council or housing association tenants

If you rent from a council or housing association and wish to move, there are several options - transfer within your area, move to a new area or a mutual exchange.

Moving if you have special needs

If you are a disabled person or have special requirements, there are some additional things you need to take into account when you move house. This page explains more.

Moving into your new home - things to do

There are several things you need to do as soon as possible once you've moved into a new home, whether it's a rented property or a place you've bought yourself.

Last updated: 29 December 2014

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