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A new Housing Bill for Scotland?

This half-day Shelter seminar, held in Edinburgh on 1 December 2008, was the first opportunity for the Scottish housing sector to discuss what it might want to see in the next Housing Bill and how best to advance its arguments.

In the first session Keith Kintrea, Deputy Head of Department of Urban Studies at University of Glasgow, outlined the current state of the housing sector and the key challenges for the future. Keith was followed by Graeme Brown, Director of Shelter Scotland, who talked about what kind of reform is needed in the next Housing Bill.

Brian Gegan, Chair of the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations, began the second session, explaining what RSLs want from a regulatory system and how tenants and consumers can have a greater say in this. Alan Ferguson, Director of the Chartered Institute of Housing Scotland, looked at the pros and cons of the previous regulatory set up and how this might affect the way that legislation is developed for the new Housing Bill.

The final session looked at the future role of rented housing. John Blackwood, Director of the Scottish Association of Landlords, gave landlords’ views of legislation that has come into force since the establishment of the Scottish Parliament and what still needs to be done. Olga Clayton, Head of Housing & Building Services at North Ayrshire Council, focused on the case for building new council housing and how councils view this, as well as what legislation is needed to assist councils in their housing management role.

You can download their presentations here:

The housing landscape
Keith Kintrea, Deputy Head, Department of Urban Studies, University of Glasgow

Shelter presentation
Graeme Brown, Director, Shelter Scotland

The role and regulation of social housing
Brian Gegan, Chair, Scottish Federation of Housing Associations

Towards a new Housing Bill for Scotland
Alan Ferguson, Director, Chartered Institute of Housing Scotland

New lives for rented housing?
John Blackwood, Director, Scottish Association of Landlords

North Ayrshire Council presentation
Olga Clayton, Head of Housing & Building Services, North Ayrshire Council