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All change for Housing Benefit?

This one-day Shelter conference, held in Glasgow on 20 October 2008, gave delegates the opportunity to share their experiences of managing local housing allowance and hear about future changes being proposed to housing benefit.

Morning plenary session

Peter Meehan, a leading expert on housing benefit, chaired the event and the morning plenary session focused on the implementation of local housing allowance. Doreen Milne, Benefit Manager at Glasgow City Council, gave the first presentation, outlining the Council’s experience of implementation.

Doreen was followed by Dave Ritchie, Senior Rent Officer, Rent Registration Service, who explained the operation of broad market rental areas. The final presentation in the morning session was given by John Blackwood, Director, Scottish Association of Landlords, who have a private landlord’s perspective on local housing allowance.

You can download their presentations here:

Local Housing Allowance Implementation Project
Doreen Milne, Benefit Manager, Glasgow City Council

Housing Benefit reform: broad rental market areas and the median Local Housing Allowance
Dave Ritchie, Senior Rent Officer, Rent Registration Service

The LHA from the landlord’s perspective
John Blackwood, Director, Scottish Association of Landlords

Morning workshop sessions

The morning workshops gave delegates the opportunity to share experiences of the introduction of local housing allowance and to identify what the key issues have been. Questions raised during these workshops were then fed into a panel discussion with the morning speakers.

Afternoon plenary session

During the afternoon plenary session Peter Meehan, the conference chair, reviewed housing benefit changes in the pipeline.

You can download his presentation here:

All change for Housing Benefit?
Peter Meehan, Independent Benefits Adviser

Afternoon workshop sessions

There were three options for delegates to select from as follows:

Changing how temporary accommodation is paid for
Catherine Jamieson, Glasgow Homelessness Partnership

Housing benefit and welfare reform
Marion Davis and Craig McKenzie, One Parent Families West of Scotland

The impact of housing benefit changes on tenants – an advice perspective
Kirsty McKechnie, Shelter Scotland

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