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Getting repairs done: new solutions

This half-day Shelter seminar, held in Glasgow on 14 June 2007, aimed to update advisers' skills on dealing with repairs cases in relation to the new Repairing Standard for housing in the private rented sector. Speakers explained the new standard and Private Rented Housing Panel which will begin in September.

James Jopling , Head of External Relations at Shelter Scotland, gave the first presentation, explaining the background to Shelter's work in the private rented sector.

James was followed by Colin Affleck , Policy Officer at the Scottish Executive, who outlined the need for the new Repairing Standard to improve conditions for private rented sector tenants.

Robert Buchan , Vice President of the Private Rented Housing Panel, looked at the role of mediation in resolving repairs issues between tenants and landlords.

Finally, Isabel Montgomery , President of the Private Rented Housing Panel, described how the Panel will work and explained the process of taking a case to the Panel.

You can download their presentations here:

Shelter and the private rented sector
James Jopling, Head of External Relations, Shelter Scotland

Repairs: changing policy to improve housing conditions
Colin Affleck, Policy Officer, Scottish Executive

Mediation in the new repairs framework
Robert Buchan, Vice President, Private Rented Housing Panel

The Private Rented Housing Panel.
Isabel Montgomery, President, Private Rented Housing Panel

Following the presentations delegates had the opportunity to discuss a case study and how they would approach this using the new repairing standard. The seminar finished with a question and answer session.

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