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Housing Scotland: setting the agenda 2007-2011

This one-day Shelter conference, held in Edinburgh on 24 May 2007, aimed to set out the housing challenge in Scotland for the next parliamentary term and beyond. High profile speakers from all housing sectors were invited to explain their priorities during the next four years.

Morning plenary session: setting the scene

Ruth Wishart chaired the event and the first plenary session was intended to give an overview of some of the key issues in housing policy and set the scene for the day. Archie Stoddart, Director at Shelter Scotland, gave the first presentation, setting out the challenge for the next four years in meeting the target of providing everyone in Scotland with a home by 2012.

Archie was followed by Mark Turley, Director of Services for Communities at City of Edinburgh Council, who looked at the key role of local government in delivering housing services across Scotland.

You can download Archie's presentation here:

The road to 2012: setting out the challenge for the next four years
Archie Stoddart, Director, Shelter Scotland

Morning plenary session 2: housing provision

The second plenary session focused on the challenge of providing enough affordable housing to meet the demand from tenants. Blair Melville, Planning Manager at Homes for Scotland put forward the facts and figures on the case for more new homes.

Brian Gegan, Chair of the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations, explained how housing associations intend to help tackle the shortfall in affordable housing.

You can download their presentations here:

The case for more homes
Blair Melville, Planning Manager, Homes for Scotland

Tackling the affordable housing crisis
Brian Gegan, Chair, Scottish Federation of Housing Associations

Afternoon plenary session: different perspectives

The focus of the afternoon presentations was to look at some of the key issues surrounding housing policy and how the change in government might affect these.

Kennedy Foster, Policy Consultant for the Council of Mortgage Lenders Scotland covered the current and future prospects for the owner-occupied market.

Alan Ferguson, Director of the Chartered Institute of Housing in Scotland, focussed on the future role for social housing.

John Blackwood, Director of the Scottish Association of Landlords, gave his perspective on how the private rented sector could play a more central role in housing policy.

Finally, Hugh McClung, Chair of the Stirling Tenants Assembly, outlined what the main priorities are for tenants over the next four years.

You can download their presentations here:

Prospects for the housing market
Kennedy Foster, Policy Consultant, Council for Mortgage Lenders Scotland

Future role for social housing - presentation
Future role for social housing - speech
Alan Ferguson, Director, Chartered Institute of Housing

From tenants to consumers
Hugh McClung, Stirling Tenants Assembly

Audience voting

Throughout the day delegates were asked to give their opinions on a variety of housing policy issues using audience voting. You can download the voting questions and results here:

Audience voting results

Speaker biographies