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Registered Social Landlords and homelessness

This half-day seminar was held jointly by Shelter and the SFHA in Glasgow on 29 April 2009. The event was an opportunity to share current examples and learn how RSLs contribute to homelessness policy.

First session

In the first session Amanda Britain, Managing Director of Craigforth Consultants, talked about the findings from recent research into section 5 referrals. Amanda was followed by Michael Cameron, Head of Inspection at the Scottish Housing Regulator, who gave some early indications from the Regulator’s thematic inspection currently being carried out in the Glasgow area.


Review of section 5 of the Housing (Scotland) Act 2001
Amanda Britain, Managing Director, Craigforth Consultants

The section 5 report summary is available to view on the Scottish Government website.

Where are we now with RSLs and homelessness
Michael Cameron, Head of Inspection, The Scottish Housing Regulator

Second session

Caroline O’ Toole, Senior Tenancy Sustainment Officer with the Federation of Local Housing Associations in Renfrewshire, began the second session, explaining the importance of tenancy sustainment in preventing homelessness. Jennifer Hunter, Access to Housing Manager at City of Edinburgh Council, outlined how the Council works in partnership with RSLs to house homeless households.


RSLs: from complementary partners to major players
Caroline O’ Toole, Senior Tenancy Sustainment Officer, Federation of Local Housing Associations in Renfrewshire

RSLs and homelessness
Jennifer Hunter, Access to Housing Manager, City of Edinburgh Council,

Third session

The final session looked at the future role of RSLs in fulfilling the 2012 homelessness target. Gavin Corbett, Head of Policy at Shelter Scotland, gave Shelter’s views on the importance of a consistent approach to section 5 referrals and tenancy sustainment strategy across the RSL sector. Jacqui Watt, Chief Executive of the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations, focused on the changing role of RSLs and the main challenges to be faced in meeting the 2012 target.


Towards 2012 – new directions for RSLs
Gavin Corbett, Head of Policy, Shelter Scotland

Towards 2012 – new directions for housing associations
Jacqui Watt, Chief Executive, SFHA