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Scotland's housing: building firm foundations for the future

On 8 December, Shelter Scotland's Head of Policy Gavin Corbett spoke at a housing conference organised by Holyrood Events. The theme of Gavin's presentation was ambition in Scottish housing. He argued that Scotland has set some challenging long-term targets on homelessness, housing quality, fuel poverty and housing supply, but warned that the ambition of the aspiration was not yet matched by an ambition of achievement.

Taking as a case study the internationally-acclaimed target to give all unintentionally homeless people the right to a home by 2012, Gavin produced a new analysis which showed that more than half of Scottish councils were not yet moving fast enough towards that goal, with around 13 in serious danger of missing it. He called for more action on housing supply.

He went on to argue that a decade of action on fuel poverty had been all but wiped out by rising energy prices and that the 2016 target to eradicate fuel poverty was not likely to be met until 2040. He also claimed that progress towards meeting the Scottish Quality Standard was sluggish at best.