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The Private Rented Sector Bill: A halfway house?

This half-day conference was held in Edinburgh on 19 April 2010 to look at plans to reform the private rented sector through the proposed Bill and explore the options for more fundamental reform of the sector in the longer term.

The event was chaired by Graeme Brown, Director, Shelter Scotland. In the first session Professor Douglas Robertson, chair of the Scottish Government's Private Rented Sector Strategy Group, gave an overview of the Bill and the continuing work of the strategy group in looking at further reform.

Douglas was followed by Colin McCrae, Principal Housing Officer from Dundee City Council's Private Sector Services Unit, who focused on the elements of the Bill regarding regulation of the private rented sector by local authorities.

John Blackwood, Director of the Scottish Association of Landlords, looked at how the Bill will enable private landlords to become better managers and Douglas White, Senior Policy Advocate at Consumer Focus Scotland, outlined the measures in the Bill designed to create better informed consumers.

You can download their presentations here:

The Scottish Private Rented Sector Strategy Group
Professor Douglas Robertson, Chair of the Scottish Private Rented Sector Strategy Group

Regulating the private rented sector
Colin McCrae, Principal Housing Officer, Private Sector Services Unit, Dundee City Council

The Private Rented Sector Bill: A halfway house
John Blackwood, Director, Scottish Association of Landlords

Informed consumers
Douglas White, Senior Policy Advocate, Consumer Focus Scotland

The second session was a panel discussion where each speaker outlined their vision for the future of the sector and delegates had the opportunity to put their questions to the panel.

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