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The Scottish housing bubble

This half-day Shelter seminar, held in Edinburgh on 22 May 2008, aimed to bring together key commentators on Scottish housing and the economy to look at the current state of the Scottish housing market and its possible future.

In the first session James Jopling, Head of External Relations at Shelter Scotland, explained Shelter’s perspective on the current uncertainty in the housing market. James was followed by Professor Steve Wilcox, University of York, who talked about his recent research into house prices and affordability, comparing Scotland with the wider UK market.

Brian Gegan, Chair of the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations, began the second session, giving an overview of what effect the current state of the housing market is having on housing associations and their tenants. Dr John Bone, University of Aberdeen, explained his research into past and present housing ‘bubbles’ and the implications for society as a whole.

The final session looked at the future of the housing market in Scotland. Jonathan Fair, Chief Executive of Homes for Scotland, talked about how housing developers are responding to changing demands from government and consumers. Professor Gwilym Pryce from the University of Glasgow looked at some of the factors affecting the housing market, particularly the impact of the buy to let sector.

You can download their presentations here:

Shelter’s perspective
James Jopling, Head of External Relations, Shelter Scotland

The housing market bubble in Scotland
Professor Steve Wilcox, Centre for Housing Policy, University of York

Home ownership – in whose interest?
Brian Gegan, Chair, Scottish Federation of Housing Associations

The housing bubble and its social implications
Dr John Bone, Lecturer, University of Aberdeen

The Scottish housing bubble
Jonathan Fair, Chief Executive, Homes for Scotland

Digging our way out of a housing crisis?
Professor Gwilym Pryce, Professor of Urban Economics and Social Statistics, University of Glasgow

Conference Chair, Peter Jones, also produced his own summary of the event, published here in the Scotsman.