What is a regulated tenancy?

This section outlines the main characteristics of a regulated tenancy.

This content applies to Scotland

Regulated tenancies

Prior to the Housing Act 1988, regulated tenancies were the most common type of tenancy in the private rented sector. However, since 2 January 1989, apart from under very limited circumstances [1], it has not been possible to create any new regulated tenancies and they are dwindling in number.

Regulated tenancies are characterised by two key features:

  • They provide very strong security of tenure, giving the tenants the right to live in their homes until the landlord obtains a possession order.

  • Rents are controlled by the fair rents scheme, which enables the imposition of a maximum rent amount by the rent officer.

Last updated: 18 December 2019


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    s.43 Housing (Scotland) Act 1988 as amended