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Eviction of private tenants

If your private landlord or letting agency want to evict you, they have to follow the correct eviction procedure for your private tenancy. The rules regarding eviction procedures are different depending on the type of tenancy you have. You can find out which kind of tenancy you have by using our online tenancy checker.

Christmas 'eviction ban'

The Scottish Government has brought in new rules which will ban eviction enforcement action for a six-week period.

  • the ban covers both social rented and private rented sector tenancies
  • the ban will be in force 11 December 2020 – 22 January 2021
  • the ban only applies to the ‘enforcement’ part of eviction proceedings. It means sheriff officers can't remove a household from a property while the ban is in place.

There are some exceptions to the ban. For example, if the eviction was granted due to criminal or antisocial behaviour, then the eviction can still go ahead. 

What about other parts of eviction proceedings?

  • Any current or new eviction hearings at court or tribunal can still go ahead
  • Eviction orders can still be granted by courts and tribunals
  • Landlords can still serve notice on tenants.

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