Court action

This section explains how the legal and court systems in Scotland work and how they can help you with your housing problems. There's also advice on how to make a complaint about a variety of things plus information on discrimination and harassment.

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The Scottish legal system

This section explains where Scots law comes from, how it is made and what the courts base their decisions on. It will help you to understand the history of the law in Scotland and how it affects you now.

Alternatives to court action

Depending on the circumstances, it might not be appropriate to take your case to court. You might still need a hand to sort it out. See what options are available to you.

Legal representation

If you have a housing problem and need legal advice, you may need to see a lawyer and if you go to court, you might need a lawyer to represent you.

Raising and defending actions in court

If you are taking a case to court or defending a case, you need to know what to do, and what some technical legal terms mean, and this section can help.

What happens at court?

Going to court can be intimidating. This section gives you some pointers so you'll be prepared if you have to go to court in person. Find out who does what and how it usually works.

Legal costs

Getting legal advice and representation can be expensive. You might be entitled to Legal Aid. This section explains more about legal aid, solicitors' fees, court fees and court expenses.

Making complaints

If you've been treated badly by a public body, or aren't happy with the service you've received from your solicitor, you can make a formal complaint. This section explains how to go about it.

Discrimination and harassment

What you can do if the council or your landlord treats you less favourably or harasses you. This could be due to your race, sexual orientation or sex for example.

Last updated: 29 March 2016

Housing laws differ between Scotland and England.

This content applies to Scotland only.

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