Staying in temporary accommodation after the council has made a decision

When you make a homeless application to the council, you will be given somewhere to stay while they assess your situation.

If you do not meet the homelessness criteria, you should be allowed to stay in the accommodation while you find somewhere else to live.

I'm entitled to permanent housing

If the council decides that it has a duty to offer you a permanent home, you can remain in temporary accommodation until a suitable offer is made.

I do not have a local connection

If the council finds you do not have a local connection and refers you to another council where you do, you can stay in your temporary accommodation until the new council can move you to its own temporary accommodation.

If you made a homeless application on or after 29 November 2022, the council cannot refer you to another Scottish council even if you have no local connection.

I'm intentionally homeless

You should be allowed to continue to stay in your temporary accommodation long enough to give you a reasonable opportunity to find somewhere to stay.

How long can I stay?

When deciding how long you can continue to stay in temporary accommodation, the council should take into account your circumstances (for example, the size of your family or whether you have any special needs) and the availability of accommodation in your area. You might find our pages on finding a home and Crisis' private rent access schemes search helpful.

Other help should the council give me

The council must give you advice and assistance to find a new home. For example, it may help you put your name down on the housing waiting list, or may give you advice and information on supported accommodation, private rented accommodation or how to go about buying your own home.

If the council helps you find a new home (for example, through the housing waiting list) and you then turn it down, it will probably ask you to leave your temporary accommodation.

What if I'm asked to leave my accommodation?

If the council asks you to leave your temporary accommodation and you feel you have not been given enough time to find a new home, get advice. An adviser can tell you your rights and may be able to get you more time.

The page on eviction from temporary accommodation explains your rights if you are asked to leave your accommodation.

The page about temporary accommodation has more general information, including:

  • what temporary accommodation is like

  • what you can do if you're not happy with your accommodation

  • what happens if any problems arise.

If you need housing advice, contact us for free.

Last updated: 5 January 2023

Housing laws differ between Scotland and England.

This content applies to Scotland only.

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Get homeless help from the council

The council must help if you are homeless or likely to become homeless in the next two months.

Get emergency help from the council