Scottish housing advice: coronavirus (COVID-19)

Claiming benefits

COVID-19 Self Isolation Support Grant

You may qualify for a £225 single payment if you're losing income because you have to self isolate and you cannot work from home.

You need to apply for this grant through your local council. Check if you're eligible and find out how to apply for a Self Isolation Support Grant on

Already claiming benefits

If you already receive benefits and your income changes:

  • Report any changes in your journal if you get Universal Credit

  • Update your council if you get Housing Benefit

Find your local council.

This will make sure you get what you’re entitled to as quickly as possible.

You should also let your landlord know if you’re struggling to pay rent and discuss possible options with them.

See the page Dealing with rent arrears for more information.

How to claim universal credit or other benefits

You can get help with your rent if you are on a low wage and your employer reduces your hours, if you lose your job or if you are self isolating.

You might be entitled to universal credit. Make your claim as soon as you can.

You can get an advance if you need rent money before your first universal credit payment.

Find out more about applying for universal credit.

If you can’t use a computer, you can apply online using a smartphone. A friend or family member may be able to help. 

You can also set up a claim over the phone if you can’t use a computer. Call the universal credit helpline on 0800 328 5644.

Check if you're entitled to benefits

Use the Turn2us benefit calculator

You’ll need information on your household’s:

  • income and savings

  • outgoings, such as rent

  • existing benefits and pensions

  • council tax bill

Get help managing your money

Services that can help with budgeting, applying for benefits, and debt:

Last updated: 26 May 2021

Housing laws differ between Scotland and England.

This content applies to Scotland only.

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