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HIV/AIDS and housing

This section outlines the range of housing options available to people with HIV or AIDS. It gives information about types of problems faced by those with HIV/AIDS and the accommodation options available. This section deals only with issues specific to people with HIV/AIDS.

Housing needs

A person with HIV/AIDS has similar housing needs to anybody else. However, inadequate or unsuitable housing can cause greater hardship to a person with HIV/AIDS. 

Confidentiality issues

HIV/AIDS can be a cause of harassment, intimidation, unfair treatment and estrangement. The HIV status of a person should be disclosed only with her/his consent and if it will assist her/him. 

Succeeding to a property

Surviving partners and members of the family may be legally eligible to succeed to a tenancy. 

Good practice issues

Local authorities and other housing providers should be sensitive to the needs of people with HIV/AIDS and the issues which surround the provision of services to them. 

Discrimination and HIV

This section provides information on legislation to protect people with HIV from discrimination. 

This content applies to Scotland

Last updated: 29 December 2014