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Paying for rented accommodation

This section discusses paying for rented accommodation, and covers control of rent, how to get help with paying rent, and also looks at deposits and premiums.

What is rent?

Rent can be defined as the total amount paid to a landlord by a tenant/occupier in return for the use and occupation of accommodation. 

How to pay rent

This section details how, when and to whom rent should be paid. 

Help with paying rent

There are a number of different benefits designed to help those on a low income pay their rent. Anyone who pays rent is eligible to apply irrespective of the type of tenancy they have. 

Rent in advance - Private rented sector

Many landlords will ask for rent in advance, and the amount requested will vary. 

Rent in advance - social rented sector

It is becoming more common for registered social landlords to expect prospective tenants to pay up to one months' rent in advance. This can cause difficulties for some clients, for example, where they are on a low income or have come through the homeless route. This section looks at possible remedies. 

This content applies to Scotland

Last updated: 29 December 2014