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Housing with a registered social landlord

This section explains what a registered social landlord is, how they are run and regulated and how to challenge a decision they've made. Issues relating to the right to buy, repairs and the duty to house someone who is homeless are also explained.

This section does not deal with fully mutual co-operatives. For more information on these, see the section on housing co-operatives.

What is a registered social landlord?

A registered social landlord is a society or company who provides housing and does not trade for profit. 

Tenancies with registered social landlords

It's important to establish and understand the nature of the tenancy agreement between a registered social landlord a tenant. 

Allocation of registered social landlord tenancies

Every registered social landlord is required by law to have, and to publish, rules on the allocation of tenancies. 

Repair and maintenance issues

There are minimum obligations that a registered social landlord has to its tenants in respect of repairs. 

Registered social landlords and homelessness

This section looks at the duties of registered social landlords to someone affected by homelessness. 

This content applies to Scotland

Last updated: 29 December 2014