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Emergency accommodation

This section looks at the options available to people who need accommodation urgently because they are homeless or about to become homeless. It gives information about advising people in emergency situations.


This section covers assisting clients in emergency housing situations. 

Clients in immediate danger

When giving advice to people who are homeless, particularly those who are making contact by telephone, it is crucial to check first of all that they are not in immediate danger. 

Rights in current accommodation

The client may be entitled to return to or stay in her/his present accommodation should s/he want to, and should be advised accordingly. 

Local authority help

If the client does not have the right, or does not want, to stay in her/his present accommodation, then her/his right to be housed immediately by a local authority should be checked. 

Emergency accommodation options

This section outlines what other emergency housing options are available, and discusses related matters such as security of tenure and payment. 

Rough sleeping

If there is no other immediate option available for the client, then practical advice should be given on safety and keeping warm when sleeping out. 

Street homeless resources

There are additional resources to assist street homeless people. 

Rough sleepers and benefits

A person who was claiming Income Support, Jobseeker's Allowance or Employment and Support Allowance before s/he lost her/his accommodation may have her/his benefit reduced whilst s/he does not have accommodation. 

This content applies to Scotland

Last updated: 29 December 2014