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Asylum seekers and refugees

This section looks at the housing and support options that are available to individuals who have come to the UK to seek asylum. It also covers the rights of people who have been granted leave to remain in the country.

Asylum status

The status attached to asylum seekers and those given leave to remain by the Home Office will determine their right to remain in the United Kingdom and their entitlement to support and accommodation. 

Eligibility for asylum support

The UK Border Agency will only provide accommodation and financial support to asylum seekers meeting certain criteria. 

Applying for asylum support

This section explains the correct procedures for applying for support from the UK Border Agency. 

Asylum support duties

The UK Border Agency provide destitute asylum seekers with accommodation and financial contributions sufficient to meet their essential living needs. This support was previously supplied by the National Asylum Support Service (NASS). 

Local authority duty of support

Asylum seekers who have care needs can, in most circumstances, access care and support from their local authority. 

Withdrawal of support

If an asylum seeker fails to comply with the conditions of her/his support from the UK Border Agency, then that support may be withdrawn and s/he may face criminal charges. 

Housing after a positive asylum decision

When an asylum seeker is granted leave to remain in the UK her/his asylum support accommodation will be withdrawn. S/he will then have to secure alternative accommodation. 

This content applies to Scotland

Last updated: 29 December 2014