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Common Housing Registers

A common housing register enables applicants to apply for housing from various providers, by just filling in one application form.

This content applies to Scotland

The common housing register 

The Scottish Government has issued guidance for practitioners for social housing landlords who wish to develop a common housing register (CHR) with other housing providers in their surrounding area. Landlords must ensure that all CHRs follow the rules governing the allocation of social housing in Scotland. The pages on admissions to a housing list and allocation policies have more information on these rules.

It's not a legal requirement for social housing providers to partake in a common housing register. However, if a social housing provider is to be part of a CHR, then there are certain criteria and guidance that must be followed to ensure the system of allocating housing between those on the housing waiting list is fair.

Ensuring equality

Equal treatment, equal opportunities and equality of outcome are all requirements of the Scottish Government's equality strategy. [1] The most up to date CHR guide from the Scottish Government in October 2009 provides information for landlords who are developing or using a CHR in relation to equality. The page on equal opportunities has more information on this, section 13 of the CHR guide from the Scottish Government has more detailed information for social housing providers in relation to equalities.

Last updated: 29 December 2014


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    Equality Strategy, Scottish Government, November 2002