Complaining to the Scottish Housing Regulator

Although there are no formal channels of appeal directly to the Scottish Housing Regulator (formerly Communities Scotland), it is likely that it would take an interest in any serious breaches of the performance standards for registered social landlords.

The Scottish Housing Regulator may issue guidance notes to supplement existing good practice documents and it can be worth checking to find out if there has been any guidance issued which may clarify the interpretation of a certain clause.

While advisers should use this guidance and good practice documents to bolster any complaint to the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman, they may wish to speak to the Scottish Housing Regulator before or during the complaint.

In instances where advisers believe the Ombudsman has made a mistake, they may wish to lodge their concerns with the Scottish Housing Regulator after the Ombudsman has reached her/his conclusions.

This content applies to Scotland

Last updated: 29 December 2014