Finding cooperative accommodation

A list of all registered social landlords can be obtained from the Scottish Housing Regulator (formerly Communities Scotland). This includes all housing cooperatives (co-ops).

Local authorities also have details of all co-ops in their areas. Co-ops are expected to enter into nomination agreements with local authorities. People who wish to apply for co-operative housing would usually be advised to apply to their local authority's housing list and ask to be considered for a nomination to any co-op in the area. They would, at the same time, be advised to apply directly to the co-ops' own housing lists. In some areas, applicants can use one application form to apply to the local authority and other registered social landlords, including any co-ops, in their area.

Some co-ops also accept referrals from other organisations, such as hostel providers. Information on nominations and referral procedures should be available from each co-op.

This content applies to Scotland

Last updated: 29 December 2014