Tenancies with registered social landlords

It is important to establish and understand the nature of the tenancy agreement between the registered social landlord and the tenant.

This content applies to Scotland

Scottish secure tenancies

A tenant of a registered social landlord will usually have a Scottish secure tenancy. [1] In limited circumstances, it is possible that the tenant will have a short Scottish secure tenancy. [2] For more information on this kind of tenancy, please see the section on Scottish secure tenancies and the section on short Scottish secure tenancies.

Stock transfer tenants

The introduction of the Scottish secure tenancy, which applies to both local authorities and registered social landlords, means that a local authority tenant will continue to have a Scottish secure tenancy even if her/his property is part of a stock transfer. [3] A stock transfer is when the ownership of local authority housing is transferred to a RSL. The rights that a tenant will have will depend on the rights s/he had prior to the introduction of the Scottish secure tenancy. For example, s/he may have had a preserved right to buy and this will continue to be the case after stock transfer.

Last updated: 29 December 2014


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