What is a registered social landlord?

For a landlord to be described as a 'registered social landlord' they must fulfil specific legal requirements.

This content applies to Scotland

Registered social landlord - definitions

A registered social landlord is a society or company that does not trade for profit. Their objects or powers must include the provision, construction, improvement or management of housing accommodation. [1] If a society or company meets these criteria, it will be registered with the Scottish Housing Regulator (formerly Communities Scotland) and become by definition a registered social landlord. [2] This register is maintained by the Scottish Housing Regulator and is open for public inspection at reasonable times. [3]

It is possible for a registered social landlord to have additional objectives, such as the provision of shared ownership accommodation, making available to owners or occupiers services such as repairs and maintenance or property insurance, and promoting or improving the social, economic or environmental welfare of the residents in the area in which the registered social landlord operates. [4]

Last updated: 30 July 2020


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