Checklist for advisers

This section covers assisting clients in emergency housing situations.

When someone with an emergency housing problem contacts an adviser, either by telephone or in person, there are several key areas that must be covered:

  • Is the client in any immediate danger?

  • Does the client has any rights to stay in - or return to - her/his present accommodation and does s/he want to do so?

  • Is the client eligible for local authority assistance?

  • Are there other possible, immediate emergency housing options for the client, taking into consideration the cost and the security provided by the accommodation?

  • As a last resort, what practical advice is needed about sleeping out? In addition, information should be given about what resources, such as day centres, are available to 'roofless' people.

  • Additionally, the client should be made aware of secure, longer-term options and where to go to get further help.

This content applies to Scotland

Last updated: 9 December 2019